Prime Base Image

The Morrow Project - Prime Base

by H.N. Voss and W.P. Worzel, 1987

Prime Base is the ultimate quest of the Morrow Project. The command and control center for the Project, it was destroyed in the first years after the war. The players must search for the hidden location of Prime Base and, once it is found, must search through the tomblike ruins of what was once a thriving community. But hidden within the depths of Prime Base is the key to unlocking the sleeping potential of the Morrow Project and the link to the rest of the world with the Atlantis Project.

Over 60 pages in length, Prime Base is the most ambitious Morrow Project scenario to date. In it there is complete information on the histroy of Prime Base, the surrounding area, and detailed maps and descriptions of the base itself. Prime Base will be the basis for many hours of the most intense role-playing to date in The Morrow Project as the teams that enter try to discover the hidden keys to the Morrow Project.

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